Born in 1947 in St.Albans, Linda gained a Degree in Fine Art from Leicester College of Art in 1969.

The Welsh connection came with her marriage, and in bringing up daughters in Wales, she maintained a lively career in community arts projects.

A shift to mental health in 1985 brought her back briefly to St.Albans and a Post-Graduat Diploma in Art Therapy in 1991. This study brought a psychological perspective to her own artwork.

Having settled in Wales the landscape became the focus for a series of Hills, first exhibited in Cardiff at LLanover Hall Arts Centre at the beginning of a serious preoccupation with clay. The Hills serve as a celebration of the spirit of place, with the figures held to the hills in their desire for belonging.

In 2000 Linda took a career break from full-time work as an Art Therapist. She spent a year doing an MA in Ceramics at UWIC, Cardiff College of Art.

The work continues to concentrate on the figurative; the human form as an emotional screen and the relationships between the male and the female. Music, poetry, film, dance and significant stories both ancient and contemporary are ever present and important catalysts for her work. Narratives provide the impetus for the images and yet may become something else as the work emerges.

The Gilgamesh Epic poem provided a rich source of images of archetypal figures. Clay, as a medium has almost limitless potential to express ideas and emotion.

In the words of the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard from ‘Water and Dreams’ (1942) clay is;

……”The matter that both resists and yields at the same time, like passionate and rebellious flesh”

Linda is now working full-time in her studio in South Wales.