Enkidu’s Dream

“The monumental character suggested by its trilithon structure (with Enkidu providing the lintel to the vertical posts) was emphasised by the crowd of dwarfish dead souls standing in its shadow.

These creatures, formerly great ones in the land of the living, have been reduced to the status of day-old chicks, scrabbling about in the dirt for food. They stare in the direction of the world they have lost with hopeless yearning, and their mouths gape in an endless cry of woe.

Enkidu dreams that the earth beneath him has opened, leaving him suspended by his head and his heels over the gulf into which he will soon descend, to become one of the pathetic creatures dwelling there. His body has become part of the gateway to the underworld, and in anticipation of his journey one arm is already dead with the feathers he will wear in the hereafter”… Peter Holmes, March 2008
Completion Date:
'Visionary Porcelain' - WINNER ZELLI PRIZE