The Hero was intended to be the final piece for a previous series of work. ‘Gilgamesh’ is an ancient hero seeking immortality, the epic poem tells of dangerous exploits, glorious deeds and of his despair.

The story of his path to wisdom; how he is formed by his successes and failures, offers insight into the human condition that still resonate two thousand years later. The poem debates the proper duties of leadership and man’s responsibilities to family.

I am not seeking to glorify or commemorate any particular war. The Hero is now the first of a series of figures caught up in an imaginary conflict.

The drawing in the sketchbook has a still from the film 'The Hurt Locker'.
Height 61cm Width 32cm Depth 23cm Weight 12kg
Completion Date:
Photography: Toril Brancher

Linda Kieft - Hero

Linda Kieft Warrior Hero

Linda Kieft Warrior Hero