The Hero & The Wife

The mythological hero is nearly always partly divine and partly human. The archetype represents the development of human consciousness of the divine in man. The hero is a symbol of the process of change. By his super human deeds and wisdom he achieves a transformation.

“His struggles with threatening powers, in which he is helped or encouraged by positive counter powers, results in the establishment of a new relationship between them, in our terms, the relationship between consciousness and the unconscious.”

The Archetypal Significance of GILGAMESH A Modern Ancient Hero, by Rivkah Scharf Kluger 1991 P 23 (It is the artist’s opinion that a wife is essential to support him in this enormous task)

The Hero – Porcelain with oxides applied and fired to 1260C The Wife – Terra Cotta crank with oxides applied and fired to 1240C
Completion Date:
2009 & 2012

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